Lamp Batteries recycling In Chicago

If you already have a service for E-recycling, Data Destruction or Junk removal, you will only be charged for the tubes! This especially great for our commercial clients who want to do a spring clean up and need someone as a one stop shop. The mercury is not good for health and when mercury-containing lamps (fluorescent and HID) are thrown into the general trash. The waste is sent to a municipal landfill, where exposed mercury filters into the ground, and eventually to our water supply.
We can handle all labor
Many companies are fearful of handling the fluorescent bulbs in case they break. We can assist with some of the need of putting bulbs in boxes. We can also offer an hrly rate service for taking the old bulbs out of their housing and if needed install as well.
How do you recycle?
E-Waste Solutions collects the bulbs and stores them till we have a load to fill a full truck. We then ship the Bulbs and Lamps to a facility to process mercury.

Lamps & Batteries

  • -Large discounts available
  • -PrePaid shipping boxes available
  • -Combine pick up with other trades
  • ​-Certified recycling
  • -All types of bulbs recycled
  • -Ballasts are free!
  • -Wires are free!
  • -Competitive hourly rates for dismantling!


Big & Small
  • Costs: (Must be in box + $5 Minimum)
  • ​-Pay for a truck (can combine services)
  • -Alkaline, NICD, NIMH, and other household types ​
  • ---$3.00 down to $2.00 per lb: Premium certified re-use recycling (Leed points)
  • ---$1.00 down to $.55 per lb: Basic non-ferrous processing (no Leed points)
  • -Simple $50 hrly rate to clean out (1 hr set up)
  • -Discount LBS: 150+15%, 300+25%, 400+30%, 800+35%, 1500+40%, 2500+CALL


Tubes, Round, CFL & More
  • Standard transport charge (can combine trucking with other services)
  • Ballasts FREE!
  • 12ft $2.75 down to $0.95 a bulb based on quantity. (Must be boxed)
  • 8ft $2.00 down to $0.75 a bulb based on quantity. (Must be boxed)
  • 4ft $1.50 down to $0.50 a bulb based on quantity. (Must be boxed)
  • Round CFL $2.00 down to $0.85 (Must be boxed)
  • Regular CFL $1.50 down to $0.85 ​​​(Must be boxed)​​​
  • Crushed or Contained $7 per lb down to $3
  • Drop off large 4x4ft boxes (transport charge) or come pick up for free
  • Onsite Bulb Crusher ($100 set up charge)
  • Discount PER: 30+(30%), 100+(35%), 200+(40%), 300+(45%), 400+(50%) 500+(CALL)


安全的產銷監管鏈,可以將多種服務結合在一起 1 卡車省錢. 服務住宅致富 500 的公司.


為市政和企業提供解決方案. 查找有關您最近的位置以及如何成為合作夥伴的信息.


找到離您最近的位置, 費用的 (如果有的話) 以及他們接受了什麼. 這些是準備好幫助您回收的本地位置.

While lamps are not a major source of mercury pollution, the improper disposal of large numbers of lamps does add to mercury in the environment. There are so many different kinds and variations of lamps that contribute to the issue. Burning hazardous wastes or incineration of disposed materials can also release mercury into the environment. The largest contributor to man-made mercury emissions, comprising approximately 40% of the total, is fossil-fuel burning power plants.



我們的下游業務是經過認證的公司,處理這些物品產生的有毒廢物和產品. 我們的下游使用最先進的設備以環保和合法的方式處理您的燈具和電子廢物.


有很多方法可以破壞保存數據的設備. 無論現場數據銷毀,我們都會提供每種類型的服務, 現場硬盤破壞, 異地數據銷毀或異地硬盤驅動器銷毀.


不要讓您的設備再次投放市場! 我們是世界上最大的公司和政府機構信任的供應商,當他們要絕對確定其設備已完全銷毀時.


您會遇到很多類型的電池. 某些電池有價值, 而其他人則付出了適當處置的代價. 我們擁有所需的工具和下游工具,可為您提供最佳的價值,滿足您的電池回收需求.