What to do with a Broken Laptop?

Laptop Recycling

Each electronic device has its breaking point and there’s a time when repairs aren’t worth the investment. This is the best moment to repurpose your broken laptop so that you can minimize the cost while maximizing returns.

Laptop Recycling

So, how are you going to do this?

Well, it’s pretty simple. In the modern world where Environmental population is uncalled for, there are local companies that provide electronic waste recycling and processing. These services are offered at the highest level of professionalism to ensure the best of data security and efficiency.

To get your broken laptop or PC recycled; all you need to do is contact an E-waste recycling firm in your area. Here, you enjoy a good deal from the otherwise junk of electronic waste.

Why recycle instead of disposing of the E-Waste?

According to https://www.microant.co, the electronic waste and laptop recycling process is one that involves a number of well-inspected procedures. Once a broken laptop is collected by the recycling firm, for example; it goes through a testing phase to see if there are some reusable components.

The difference between disposing of the E-Waste and recycling is rather obvious. In an economic perspective, recycling may or may not get you some cash in exchange for the broken laptop. Disposing, on the other hand, will only create a stack of electronic wastes. A mindful owner will prefer recycling to just keeping a stack of non-functional laptops.

The other damaged parts are prepared for refining. So, instead of letting your old or broken laptop sit idle in your home, you can help build a better world by having it recycled to produce new and valuable electronics.

Selling VS Recycling

Depending on the level of damage, sometimes selling a broken laptop is more profitable than just donating it to some government organizations and schools. This, however, doesn’t mean you will always find a ready market for your broken PC.

In most cases, a broken computer will attract the lowest prices and very few are ready to bid or even consider it as the first option. This is because a broken screen and motherboard mean the laptop is fully handicapped and is of negligible value.

Luckily enough, many municipalities often schedule collection days of such broken gadgets. This way, all you need to do is fill out an online pickup request. If you’re to sell a broken laptop, you’ll have to convince a number of dealers that the piece is worth the robust old-tech market. This is often time-consuming and hectic if the broken computer is deformed and beyond repair.

Hard drive Destruction

What to recycle and what to keep

Every laptop comes with some additional package. In the event of damage, these additional components such as the power supply may or may not succumb to the ephemeral nature of their existence. Either way, you may want to keep them instead of recycling the entire package.

Here are components you may choose to keep with you;

. Battery pack

. Charger/ Power supply



. CMOS Battery


. Keyboard/ Touchpad

. Card Reader, etc.

Whether you’ll keep or recycle the hard drive depends on the level of physical damage and of course the importance of data it entails. If your hard drive has some sensitive information that you want to retrieve in the shortest time possible, you can choose to keep it with you before trying to access using another computer.

The RAM can be a valuable addition to your next laptop’s memory depending on its storage capacity and clock speed. If your broken laptop has a functional 8 GB RAM, you can safely detach it from the motherboard before recycling the broken laptop.

In case you recycle your broken laptop with the hard disk intact; you don’t have to worry about any data being leaked to some third parties. According to the data destruction regulations; https://www.microant.co/data-destruction-html/, there are a number of data disposal methods that ensures high-level privacy and security.

Uses of the refined Electronic Recycling Parts

Electronic gadgets have a variety of metals from copper to gold and different qualities of plastic materials and semiconductors. All these can be refined to create new electronic parts or even brand gadgets. Some of the products obtained from refined E-waste recycling include; smart home components, automotive parts, and multi-media devices.

Laptop Reycling


Computers are never junk- regardless of technical hitches or physical damage. Nearly all the chips, connectors, wires, etc. can be successfully removed and reused in one way or the other.


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