What Is Hard Drive Data Destruction?

Data Destruction

Whether you are planning to completely dispose of your hard drive or just to wipe out all the data that’s on it, E-scrap Websites are the perfect solution. For either cases these websites are there to ensure that all your data is cleared before reusing or recycling hard drives, all to protect your data.

What is hard drive data destruction?

When you delete data from your hard drive, small traces of it remain on the drive and can later be used for unethical purposes. That is why, when thinking about total data destruction, it is better to let this kind of work on the hands of professionals, the people on E-Scrap websites. They either use special machines to do that or software called data sanitization software or disk wipe software.

Hard drive data destruction methods ensure the complete removal of any trace of data that remains after simply deleting it.

How does this work?

When you delete files and
empty them from the Recycling Bin, you just delete the reference to that piece of
data, thus preventing the operating system from finding it. The data is still
there and can be easily recovered.

E-Scrap Websites that offer this service use data sanitization methods to ensure the
complete eradication of the data and to permanently overwrite any information
that is left.

Is this efficient against viruses?

Viruses are just data that harms your machine. As this method completely wipes data, yes. It is the most efficient way of getting rid of a virus. The only bad part
is that you lose all your data along with it.

Identity fraud becomes more widespread as time passes so it is important to be sure of the level of security that you have on your data. Better back up any important
work and check the drive with the help of professionals.

Can this method be unsuccessful?

If thehard drive is below 80GB there is a high possibility of the data destruction to
be unsuccessful. In that case the physical hard drive can be destroyed using an
approved disc crushing machine, that is environmentally friendly, usually has
low power consumption and later the remaining pieces can be given for

If thehard drive has more than 80GB, this method will work 100% of the time. Of
course it is each person’s choice if they want their hard drive physically
destroyed; so that’s an option as well.

Benefits of secure data destruction

Firstof all you can be sure that the process that these sites use is within all
guidelines and legislation. It is highly cost-effective and also environmentally
friendly as the providers of this service have recycling and disposal services
that are WEEE compliant and guarantee 0% landfill.

On top of that the convenience it provides is superior to anything you might try to do
for replicating this process. Just use an E-Scrap website.

E-Scrap websites offer the perfect services for hard drive data destruction, ensuring
you with 100% data wiping on a more than reasonable price. Data destruction is
just one of several methods of erasing all data from your computer. If perhaps
you want only individual file destruction, some sites offer that as well.

) – Here is a video of such a machine in action.