how to recycle appliances


Disposal of outdated household appliances and electronics is a much more important task than buying it and enjoying its work.
As we all know from childhood, you need to throw out the trash. In the modern world, the cost is to add – “throw out correctly.” There, where it will take and professionally and safely disposed of. The article lists all the ways to safely dispose of your household appliances.
First of all, always remember – you should think about safe disposal when buying any equipment or electronic devices. Therefore, before planning a purchase, do two simple things:

  • Take care in advance about how and where you will destroy your existing equipment before buying a new one.
  • As far as new equipment meets modern eco-standards and whether the manufacturer will take it for recycling after the end of its service life.

Often there is a question: “Why should we dispose of office equipment and spend money on this if we can take it to the landfill or just throw it in the landfill for free? There are several good reasons not to do this:

First, in any computer and organizational technique, a certain amount of precious metals is contained. Many jurisdictions have legislation provides for a clause according to which all organizations are required to keep records and movements of precious metals, including those included in fixed assets. For non-compliance with the rules of accounting, the organization may be fined in the amount of 300 to 500 USD.

Secondly, the company may also be fined for unauthorized removal of equipment or equipment to the “landfill”;

tv recycling

Thirdly, by utilizing the equipment we care about the environment: the amount of non-recyclable waste is minimized, and such waste as plastic, plastics, ferrous and non-ferrous metals are used in secondary production. Electronic boards containing precious metals, after processing, are sent to the refining plant, after which the pure metals are surrendered to the State Fund, and are not deposited in landfills. Thus, by utilizing office equipment and other equipment, we make our environment cleaner !!!


  1. Monitors and TVs with cathode-ray tubes must be handed over for processing to the nearest specialized recycling center or handed over to the manufacturer for further recycling.
  2. Cell phones that have served their time, as a rule, are accepted by all manufacturers. Wherever you buy your phone, the seller must offer you a cell phone recycling program.
  3. Start disassembling your unused or outdated equipment or electronics right now.
  4. Electronic organizers, PDAs and electronic calendars such as the Palms, Treos, and Blackberrys must also be recycled by the manufacturer. If the manufacturer refuses to accept their products for processing, then specify the location and contacts of enterprises engaged in such processing.
  5. If you move to another region or, perhaps, repair your home, you can find a large number of different electronics that you need to get rid of with the least damage. If this is your case, consider using the services of a professional recycling company, which can come to you and collect all the devices that you plan to recycle.
  6. While you are looking for a company to recycle your electronics, pay attention to the waste disposal activities that may be taking place in your area or city. Often, large companies hold similar promotions. You will be able to hand over your outdated household appliances at such events. Sellers, as a rule, take everything from hair dryers to calculators and TVs.
  7. You can also contact your local government or local municipality regarding the recycling of your electronics.
  8. There is another option to use your used equipment. This is a charity. Outdated, but still properly working appliances can serve other people, such as old people in nursing homes or children in orphanages and shelters. Together with the technology, do not be lazy to make a list (download on the Internet) with enterprises for special processing of this technology, located not far from the place where you bring it (children’s home, boarding school, social institution) – so that these people, later could safely and safely dispose of it.
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Remember, everything you need to safely dispose of our appliances and electronics is a bit of our effort! This is not so difficult, but by doing so, you will begin (or continue) your path towards a rational and rational attitude to the environment. You can consult the following companies to recycle your electronic waste: