Data Destruction In Chicago

A Basic standard practice of Data Destruction consists of either wiping or dismantling for precious metals based on the type and value of the drive. Many customers however prefer optional on/off site services that are are inventoried for their records. We assist with hospital data destruction, bank tape degaussing, fortune 500 hard drive shredding, telecom hard drive wiping, IT companies and more with their Data Destruction Needs.

We recognize that data security is an equally critical part of Responsible Recycling as zero land filling and preventing  toxic scrap from illegal export. E-Waste Solutions also offers customers (on request for a small fee) an onsite hard drive perforating or “punching” service and the drives are shredded once returned to the facility. Finally, upon processing your data/media storage equipment your company will receive by mail a ‘Certificate of Destruction’ which applies to the hard drives and other storage media as well as the equipment itself.

*The DoD 5220.22-M sanitization method was originally defined by the US National Industrial Security Program (NISP) in the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM)


Wiping & Dismantling
  • We wipe all HD's as a standard Data Destruction procedure. HD's that are too old or cannot me wiped get prepped for dismantling and refining for precious metals.
  • This process is guarantees your data is completely destroyed and cannot be accesed.

Serial #'s

$ 1 /pc
Itemized Serial #'s
  • When ordering any of our data destruction services you will need to fall under some kind of Compliance measure. We can full itemize your items serial numbers on the certificates for your records.
  • We can also itemize every single item picked up for yours records.


$ 10 /pc
On-site & Off-site
  • This Process involves using equipment and punching through the outer core of the drive into the actual discs which destroys the drive!
  • Hard Drives that are properly punched get prepped for dismantling and ultimately refining for precious metals.


$ 5$ 10 /pc
Hipaa & Facta Compliant
  • Hipaa & Facta Compliant Data Destruction Service when completed on facility location.
  • When the degausser is applied to magnetic domains the information is scrambled into random patterns, making the data stored in the magnetic domain unreadable.


Secure chain of custody that can combine multiple services on 1 truck to save money. Serving residential to fortune 500 companies.


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Our downstream operations are certified companies that handle toxic waste and products that these items create. Our downstream use state-of-the-art equipment to process your lamps & e-waste in an environmentally safe and legally acceptable manner.


There are many ways to destroy a piece of equipment that holds data. We offer every single type of service available whether its On-Site Data Destruction, On-Site Hard Drive Destruction, Off-site Data Destruction or Off-Site Hard Drive Destruction.


Do not allow your equipment to ever end up on the market again! We are the provider the biggest companies and government agencies in the world trust when they want to make absolute certain their equipment is completely destroyed.


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