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Your Cost Effective Solution For Any Recycling Needs You May Have

We are a faith based business offering free & low cost pick up for Business and Residents. We specialize in Chicago electronics recycling and data destruction for your computer, server, hard drive. Let us help you!

Chicago Asset Recycling policy – Environmental Policy Statement

  • Chicago Asset Recycling carefully reviews it practices and those of our partner vendors to assure compliance with all current regulations for proper disposition of end of cycle and obsolete electronics.
  • Chicago Asset Recycling strives to meet industry standards including R2 Responsible Recycling, E Stewards and other best practices in its collections and end market reclamation of electronic materials and equipment.
  • Chicago Asset Recycling continuously monitors and updates its practices regarding new legislation and ‘state of the art’ processes as apply to e-waste disposal, data destruction and hazardous waste management.
  • Chicago Asset Recycling supports initiatives for ReUse, Reduce & Reclaim that contribute to healthy and sustainable communities that are both economically and environmentally sound.​​
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What can be Recycled:

-Printers and Copiers
-Monitors – CRT’s and flat screens
-Fax Machines and Central Office Equipment Televisions
-Stereo Equipment, Games, PDA’s
-Banking and Financial Equipment
-Computers – CPU’s, laptops, mainframes, peripherals
-Medical Equipment
-Rechargeable batteries
-Telephones, Cell phones and Telephone systems
-Electronic Circuit boards and components


Corporations & Certificates

​Our drivers are trained to help give pricing on the spot for many of the services we offer. Our office staff can also easily help you over the phone so that we can take care of everything in 1 shot for you. We also have a very convenient drop off program for business who have only a few items to recycle. There are many locations through the city and suburb to choose from. Any business we service will always receive a certificate for your records. We treat every business the same way, whether a fortune 500 or a small bakery, you get the same level of service.


Secure chain of custody that can combine multiple services on 1 truck to save money. Serving residential to fortune 500 companies.


Providing solutions for municipalities and corporations. Find out information about your nearest location and how become a partner.


Find the nearest location to you, the fee's (if any) and what they accept. These are local locations that are ready to help take your recycling.


Our downstream operations are certified companies that handle toxic waste and products that these items create. Our downstream use state-of-the-art equipment to process your lamps & e-waste in an environmentally safe and legally acceptable manner.


There are many ways to destroy a piece of equipment that holds data. We offer every single type of service available whether its On-Site Data Destruction, On-Site Hard Drive Destruction, Off-site Data Destruction or Off-Site Hard Drive Destruction.


Do not allow your equipment to ever end up on the market again! We are the provider the biggest companies and government agencies in the world trust when they want to make absolute certain their equipment is completely destroyed.


There are many types of batteries you will come across. Certain batteries have value, while others come at a cost to dispose of properly. We have the tools and downstream needed to give you the best value available to your battery recycling needs.